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Carson, California

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Eco Comfortable Project, Inc. is designated as a nonprofit organization based in California, USA


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Board members

Founder & Chairman 

Brittney Ford has completed Real Estate courses and trained for multiple roles in management. After discovering a unique way to integrate an original architectural work with an innovative business model, she decided to use the plan as a tool for greater good. Academically, she studies in Pubic Administration and Policy with intention to expand knowledge in the realm of Real Estate Development. Current nonprofit activities consists mostly of economic development opportunity exploration. This includes comprehending the needs of individual communities and regional participants and collaborators. Her favorite pass time includes calling out litter bugs and providing aid to disadvantaged groups.

Director of Treasury
Executive Secretary Director


Essie Martsinkovsky

Leadership Advisory Volunteers

 Mindee Justeen (Agronomist)

Elena Fisher (Procurement / Writer)

Karina Abou-Chakra (Environmental Impact)

Michael Adams (Sustainability Specialist)

Board of Directors